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Our onsite parts department and knowledgeable staff, where all replacement parts are decoded and ordered by your specific vehicle identification number. Once they are received from the manufacturer, they’re organized and stored until ready to bring your vehicle back to a pre-accident state.


Expert Blueprinting Process to ensure all repairs are mapped out and any hidden damage is discovered and pointed out to your insurance adjuster prior to starting Production. Equipment: 1-9k lbs. Rotary Inspection Lift, 1-15k lbs. Rotary Truck Lift, Celette MZ Cross Electronic Measuring System for Inspections. Digital Diagnostic Scan System.​

EXPERT STRUCtural and aluminum repairs

Expert collision repairs utilizing Celette state of the art frame equipment and featuring separate dust controlled Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Repair bays. All repairs performed to Manufacturer standards, and guaranteed for lifetime.

Equipment: 5-Celette Dedicated Frame Bench Systems with Dual Lifts, Naja 3D Frame Measuring System, Eguan Computerized Frame Measuring System, 2 Tecna Smart Plus Resistance Spot Welders, 5 Hobart MIG Welders, 2-ProWoTech- Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Repair Bays, TKR Punch Riveting Tool, Gesipa-Powerbird Riveting Gun, Weilander+Schill Xpress 800 Riveting System, 1-Fronius Aluminum Welder and Specialized Aluminum Repair Tools. (All Approved by BMW & MINI, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lamborghini, Lexus, McLaren, Mercedes- Benz, Sprinter,Toyota, Volkswagen and many more.)


All body repairs performed to the highest standards by certified technicians who put quality first! Rest assured we use a central vacuum system which collects dust particles while sanding, eliminating dust from contaminating your vehicle and keeping our workers clean.

Equipment: Eurovac Central Vacuum System, Betag Innovation Aluminum Flatliner & T-Hotbox, 4 Stud Welders, 5 Hobart MIG Welders. (All Approved by BMW & MINI, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lamborghini, Lexus, McLaren, Mercedes- Benz, Sprinter,Toyota, Volkswagen and many more.)


Factory Trained Mechanical Technicians are on-site to ensure all accident related suspension,electrical and mechanical damage is repaired to factory specifications. From air bags, windshields, computerized factory wheel alignment and wheel replacement, we got you covered.

4-9k lbs. Rotary Lifts, 2-7k lbs. Rotary Lifts w/ Exotic Vehicle Lifting Arms, Digital Diagnostic Scan System, Robinair 1234YF, Robinair 134a A/C Systems, 4 Point Engine Support Unit, Powertrain Lifting Table, 25 Ton Air Press, Weilander+Schill Rollout 2000 Glass Removal System, Equalizer Viper Glass Tool. (All Approved by BMW & MINI, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lamborghini, Lexus, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more.)


State of the art color matching equipped with Spies-Hecker Hi-TEC waterborne  paint systems. All waterbase technology with low VOC emissions designed to help clean the environment and a guaranteed high quality finish, restoring your vehicle to a pre-accident state.


Each vehicle is sprayed with SATA Spray equipment in one of our four GFS, dust free and computer controlled spray booths. Specially designed to lower emissions and to ensure a long lasting superior baked finish, we are providing you the highest quality paint job while helping to protect the environment.

Equipment: 4-GFS Downdraft Spray Booths w/Advance Cure, 3-IRT Hyperion Infrared System, SATA-German Engineering Spray Equipment and 3M Refinish Products. (All Approved by BMW & MINI, Jaguar-Land Rover, Lamborghini, Lexus, McLaren, Mercedes- Benz, Sprinter, Toyota, Volkswagen and many more.)​


Polishing and detailing adding that final touch to your automobile, like nothing ever happened.
Choosing the right collision center is no accident!