Unfortunately, accidents happen. Fortunately, we're here to help.


​With more than 25 years in the auto repair industry, our Collision Center will provide you with a computerized estimate or work with your insurance estimate to restore your vehicle and, most importantly, your peace of mind to a pre-accident state.

From a small ding to a major collision claim, we are committed and work closely with your insurance provider to see that you are provided with nothing short of the highest quality repair.

Additionally, our technicians specialize in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volkswagen, MINI, Toyota, Lincoln, Sprinter, Lamborghini, and McLaren and are also trained to repair all makes and models to factory specifications. We are manufacturer approved.


Among car owners who were either priced out of buying a car or couldn't find the right vehicle due to the inventory shortage, many chose to hold onto their current vehicle. Industry consultancy IHS Market reports that the average age of vehicles on the road reached a record high of 12 years, partially due to the effects of the pandemic and adjustments to driving behavior. This sparked a rise in demand for repair and maintenance services to keep current vehicles on the road.

"Repair facilities - whether dealerships or independently owned - have struggled in acquiring parts," David Bennett, repair systems manager at AAA, wrote in an email to Cars.com. "Due to the shortage of new and used vehicles, many consumers are opting to keep their vehicles longer, and as a result, repair facilities are seeing an increase in business."


According to automotive market research firm IMR's 2021 survey of 500 independent repair shops the average vehicle turnaround time has increased since the pandemic began. Of the shops surveyed, 50% reported frequent disruptions in getting the parts they need to service vehicles, and 34% reported occasional disruptions. The causes of the disruptions ranged from delays in parts deliveries and distribution to shortages of drivers and qualified technicians.

The microchip shortage alone is not the direct cause of parts shortages, according to Rudloff, but COVID-related manufacturing and shipping challenges and workforce shortages are leading to unpredictable wait times for some repairs. "The parts availability issue doesn't seem to be a lock-and-step issue with the chip shortage," wrote Rudloff. "We tell our clients when they drop their auto off that our industry is experiencing unusual shortages, but often we won't know a shortage exists until we order a part or parts."

Lee Hardegree, owner of ProAuto in Morton Grove, Ill., says he has been navigating the new normal of parts shortages, too.

"Parts have been a challenge," wrote Hardegree in an email to Cars.com. "We have dozens of vendors we purchase replacement parts from. Their inventory can be hit or miss. A routine brake job on a very common vehicle can make a shop owner go crazy. "'What do you mean you're out of brake parts? It's a Honda Civic, and you have nothing in stock?' That type of conversation can happen several times a day." Hardegree said his vendors blame supply chain issues, parts that are sitting in a container waiting to be offloaded, and a lack of employees. "Of course our vendors want to sell us parts, but their inventory is depleted."



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